Hari Om!

Navaratri celebrations at our Atmalingeswara temple went off well as planned. All Her grace!

Sri Kishan Butt who is a Sri Vidya upasaka (with traditional mantra deeksha etc) performed Prana Pratishta for Srichakra Mahameru on Friday 20th October morning. Prana pratishta was done as per sastra and tradition with kalasa sthapana (invoking Ambal in kalasa), Nava avarana pooja and Srividya homa followed by kalasa abhishega to Mahameru. Now Srichakra Mahameru is a vibrant power house of Ambal adorning Karunamba sannidhi which bestows all auspiciousness to ashram and the devotees!

Friday 20th October evening a special Srichakra sodasha upachara pooja was done placing Mahameru in a decorated altar outside the Ambal Sannidhi with special Abhishega, Lalitha Trishati archana and arati followed by Lalitha sahasranama chanting. Every pournami we are planning to do similiar Srichakra Pooja in our temple premises where devotees and local Villagers can participate.

Saturday 21st October morning Sri Kishan Bhat performed a detailed Nava avarana pooja to the Srichakra Mahameru and Srividya homam followed by vishesha abhishega alankaram to Karunambal. That morning invoking Amba in a young girl (priest’s daughter) Kanya pooja was also done which was a wonderful sight to watch.

Apart from this all the nine days Navaratri special aradhana was done at Karunambal sannidhi every evening and Chandi Parayanam was done by our priest every morning. On Vijayadashami day Vidyarambam was done for our priest’s son at Atmalingeswara sannidhi. On the whole Amba was worshipped with shraddha and Bhakti at our ashram on the occasion of Navratri. ‘Aval arulalae aval thaal vanangi’!

We have to thank Ranjani amma and Ganga amma for organizing Navratri special programs with due diligence and Nagaratna amma and other devis for making the occassion a divine spiritual experience!

A special mention also should be made about the rendering of devotional songs by one of our devotee’s daughter Srividya on Friday night at Ambal Sannidhi… It was beautiful! She sang with real bhakti bhavana.