Atma Vidya Mandir (AVM)

Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharshi, the sage of Arunachala, gave a simple but direct path of self-inquiry (Who Am I?) to discover one’s true Self and abide in it. Ramana Maharshi’s teaching rooted in Advaita Vedanta has got a charm of its own, wherein the seeker is guided to seek his own source without getting caught in the web of philosophical jargons and religious dogmas. Though it is unique in nature, it still accommodates in spirit, devotion to the Lord, selfless service to the beings around and performance of one’s own duties.

  • The aim of Sri Arunachala Ramana Atma Vidya Mandir is to teach and guide the seekers in Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharishi’s path of self-inquiry based on Advaita Philosophy.
  • It would be a Tapovana for the seekers wanting to practice austerities and an abode of bliss for the devotees who want to worship the holy hill Arunachala.
  • Apart from imparting knowledge to the seekers, it would also help the youth to discover their potential; imbibe right values in children and cater to the welfare of the villagers around the area.

Logo & Theme of AVM

Thou be the sun – O’ Arunachala
For my heart lotus to bloom!


The logo & theme of Atma Vidya Mandir symbolises the fact that the spiritual unfoldment of a seeker happens only through the grace of the Lord! Lotus signifies the heart lotus of a seeker…  Sun here represents Arunachala or the Self.  Only when the sun shines, the lotus blooms! With the grace of the Lord alone the heart lotus of the seeker blooms; the knot of the heart (chit jadagranti) is cut asunder and the ParipoornaAtma (the infinite self) is realized!



In the outskirts of Tiruvannamalai around 7kms from the town, on the Avalurpettai Road is situated Sananandal village. Close to the village there is a small hillock called Vallivagai with a beautiful temple of Lord Muruga on the top. At the foothills of this hillock facing the all mighty Arunachala is the 8 acres of land where Atma Vidya Mandir is consecrated to bless the world.



Blossoming of the Atma Vidya Mandir…

It all started with a small Ganesha Mandir at the entrance…Lord Sri KarpagaVinayaga, the remover of all obstacles and like the celestial tree ‘KarpagaVruksham’ fulfiller of all the desires of the devotees, graces the small shrine at the entrance. Nithya Pooja is performed at this shrine between 07:00 a.m and 07:30 a.m in the morning. Vinayaka Chaturthi is celebrated with Ganapati Homam and special Abhisheka Aradhana every year.

Now Atma Vidya Mandir is a spiritually vibrant Jnana Bhoomi!


‘HrudayaKamalam’ is the Acharya Kutir where the Resident Acharya is staying and guiding the activities of the ashram…The beautiful and majestic vision of holy hill Arunachala from the Acharya Kutir inspires one and all to revel in the glory of Arunachala!


A Malai Nandi adorns the Mandapam in front of Acharya Kutir facing Arunachala, silently declaring the divine presence of the Lord in the form of the hill. Deepam is lit in front of this Nandi Mandapam during Mahadeepam festival and devotees of the ashram gather here to watch the divine Mahadeepam lit on top of the holy hill. Special Poojas are performed to this Nandi every Pradosham between 04:30 p.m and 05:00 p.m.


Sri Arunachala Atmalingeshwara temple” – A traditional Siva temple built in stones according to Agama Sastras is at the heart of the ashram. Karunakara Ganapati and Jnana Skanda adorn the entrance of the temple like ‘dwarapalakas’. The consort of the Lord, Sri ApeetakuchaKarunambal in the form of Sri Chakra Yantram graces the sanctum sanctorium of the temple along with the main deity Sri Arunachala Atmalingeswara.  Abhishegam and Aradhana to Lord Siva and other deities are done twice a day, in the morning and evening, by a Brahmin priest. Special Pradosha Poojas are done every fortnight and MahaSivaratri is celebrated with great religious fervor every year apart from Varushabhishegam (anniversary of the temple kumbhabhishegam) on 26th January every year.

Morning Pooja – 07:30 a.m to 09:00 a.m

Evening Pooja – 04:30 p.m to 06:00 p.m


Sri Ramana Dhyana Mandiram – A Dhyana Mandir / Satsangh Hall where the seekers can learn the scriptures and meditate. The holy hill Arunachala is seen clearly even when you sit inside the Dhyana Mandir through glass enclosure in the front. This hall can accommodate 120 people easily and has got the altar of Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharshi, the great inspiration and the guiding light of the ashram. Spiritual Camps are conducted every three to four months in the ashram whereindiscourses on scriptural texts like Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita and Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharshi’s UlladuNarpadu and UpadesaUndiar are given apart from Sri Adi shankara’sPrakaranaGranthas.

Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharshi’s Jayanthi Day, Samadhi Day Aradhana and Guru Poornima are celebrated with Guru Pada Pooja at this altar.


Sri AzhagammalAnnakshetra – A Kitchen and dining hall in the name of Bhagawan’s Mother Sri Azhagammal! It is said that only after the arrival of Bhagawan’sMother to his abode in Tiruvannamalai, the Annadhanam (feeding of the devotees) started in full swing. In remembrance of the divine mother and her grace, the Annakshetra in our ashram is named after her. Here the devotees and the guests who come to the ashram with spiritual hunger are fed with divine prasada! The Annakshetra is well furnished and can accommodate around 52 guests comfortably and more during special occasions if devoteesare seated on the floor.

Special Annadhanams are given during special occasions and especially during Mahadeepam!


Vrindavana – A beautiful garden where ‘Sri Murali ManoharKrishna’ is charming the devotees with His divine presence and enchanting smile! This is not a temple or altar of worship. It is just a garden where devotees can relax, sing, dance or contemplate in the company of the blue boy of Vrindavan. Early mornings and evenings are very pleasant here with lots of trees around, gentle breeze and chirping of the birds! Please beware – occasionally ‘Nagaraja’ also visits the place to offer his salutations to the Kalinga Nardana!


Satyam Sivam Sundaram’ – is an upcoming Pilgrim Rest / Residential Units where the devotees and guests who visit the ashram can stay for the purpose of sadhana.

Initially six self-contained rooms (16” x 16”) with attached bath and toilet are built in the ground floor. Each room can comfortably accommodate four people. Later, in a year or two, another floor would be added on top of the existing facility so that the ashram can accommodate around 50 devotees at a time. As part of each room is a balcony facing Arunachala where devotees can sit and meditate – a special feature of the Residential Units.


Tejomayam – An Office block with a guest room… The temporary guest room can also accommodate four to five people who come on a short day visit to the ashram.

How it enriches you?

  • You can come here, relax and spend your holidays in the divine worship of Arunachala…
  • You can learn the art of self inquiry…
  • Your children can learn the secrets of joyful living…
  • You can do your Sadhana / AtmaVichara peacefully…
  • You can serve in the community development projects… 

To explore more about AVM, please click the video below….


Sri Arunachala Ramana

Atma Vidya Mandir
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