Swami Ramana Swaroopananda, an ardent devotee of Sri Arunachala Ramana and an earnest seeker following the path of AtmaVichara is the Acharya and Spiritual head of ‘Sri Arunachala Ramana Atma Vidya Mandir’

Swamiji came under the benign influence of a great tapasvin and a true sanyasin of Sri Adi Sankara order, Swami SatyanandaSaraswati, and at a very young age chose to dedicate his life for the pursuit of Truth and for the welfare of the world.

He studied Hindu scriptures at the feet of learned Acharyas in SandeepanySadhanalaya, Mumbai founded by Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda and served the Mission for ten years in Sri Lanka and India.

Submitting to the inner call of the divine, he moved to Arunachala Kshetra to practice austerities at the feet of Bhagawan Sri Ramana. Initiated by Arunachala Ramana into the secrets of Atma Jnana (Self Knowledge), he is now prompted from within to share his love and understanding of AtmaVichara and Arunachala Smarana with the seekers of the Truth.

Swamiji has specialized in Sri Ramana Maharshi’s path of AtmaVichara (self inquiry – who am I?) and has been guiding seekers all around the world in this path for more than a decade and half. Swamiji’s approach is simple and straight forward. He is fluent in both English and Tamil. His Spiritual Discourses, Meditation Sessions and Retreat Camps have helped hundreds of seekers all over the world to gain greater clarity and rare spiritual insights.

Swamiji’s discourses on various general themes of Hindu Scriptures and serious exposition on AtmaVichara, Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads are available in the Lecture section of the website. You can access the same by clicking here.

Sri Arunachala Ramana

Atma Vidya Mandir
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