‘Sri Ramana Sampoorna Darsana’ – 45 days discourses on Bhagavan’s work – 28th January to 15th March , 2023 – @ AVM, Tiruvannamalai

Dear devotees of the Lord,

Hari Om! Namaskaram.

This is the tenth year of our ashram ‘Sri Arunachala Ramana Atma Vidya Mandir’. As our offering to our Sadguru Bhagawan Sri Ramana, we are planning to expound in English the complete works of Sri Bhagawan in 45 days starting from 28th January till 15th March 2023.

Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharishi’s original work in Tamil would be taken and expounded in English. Word by Word meaning would be explained. Detailed explanations on each verse would be given and Insights of Atma Vichara would be shared. Apart from this there would be practical guidance on Atma Vichara too. There would be an one and hour session in the morning and an one hour session in the late evening. Rest of the time you are with yourself. You can contemplate, Meditate, Practice Atma Vichara or do whatever sadhana you wish to in tune with the teaching.

The 45 days course is designed in such a way that three 15 days courses are incorporated within for the sake of devotees who cannot spend 45 days in a stretch.

First Course – For Beginners
28th January to 11th February, 2023

Second Course – For Serious Seekers
13th February to 27th Ferbruary, 2023

Third Course – For Advance Seekers
1st March to 15th March, 2023

You can attend the whole course or attend any one or two courses too.

Detailed syllabus and other information are shared in a seperate handout.

You can come here, stay in our ashram and follow the course and get a clear understanding of Bhagawan’s philosophy in short time.

There is no course fee or charge whatsoever. Accomodation, food and course material, all free. The whole thing is our offering to our Sadguru who has given us everything.

For more information contact
Smt. Ranjani Nandakumar – +91 9940039530

Please register yourself soon as we are admitting only 30 students for the course.

Note: Also refer to the hand out sent along with this text message.