Message from Swamiji – Kumbhabhishekam of Sri Apeetakucha Karunamba sametha Sri Arunachala Atmalingeswara temple

Dear devotees and well wishers,

Hari Om! Namaskaram.

You are all aware, I suppose, of the Kumbhabhishekam of Sri Apeetakucha Karunamba sametha Sri Arunachala Atmalingeswara temple at our ashram premises on Thursday, 26th January 2023 coinciding with the Tenth year celebration of our ashram.

From 24th January onwards we have special poojas, yagashala homas and other rituals…

We have four Yagashala poojas
24th evening, 25th morning, 25th evening and 26th morning culminating in the Maha kumbhabhishekam on the 26th late morning.

We invite you all to come and participate in all the yagashala poojas and the Maha Kumbhabhishekam and partake the blessings of the Lord. Will send the invitations in couple of days.

You can also contribute to the Maha Kumbhabhishekam in the following ways…

1. To be a Yajamanan for yagashala pooja on 26th morning (Kumbhabhishekam day) – Rs. 50,000

2. To be Yajamanan for yagashala pooja on 24th or 25th (any session) – Rs. 25,000

3. To be Annadhata during Kumbhabhishekam
a. Morning session- Rs. 10,000
b. Afternoon session- Rs. 20,000
c. Night session – Rs. 20,000
d. Annadhanam for villagers on Kumbhabhishekam day – Rs 50,000..

4. Apart from this if you want to contribute for Nadaswaram (one or more session), Veda parayanam or Tamil Vedam odudal you are welcome to do so…

5. If you want to contribute anything in kind for yagashala pooja or Annadhana you can do so.

For all contribution contact
Sri Sundaresan (convenor) – 98400 34173
Sri Shyam Sankar – 96635 00499
Smt. Ranjani Nandakumar – 99400 39530

Please note we are printing donation books (with 10 leaves each) of Rs 500, Rs 1000 and Rs 2000. You can take as many books as you want and collect donations for Kumbhabhishekam in your known circle. That would be your offering to the Lord on this auspicious occasion.

Following Kumbhabhishekam ceremony, Mandalabhishekam for 45 days would be performed to Sri Atmalingeswara and Karunambal from 27th Jan to 12th March 2023. You can also do the Mandalabhisheka pooja on any chosen day with your family.

Sri Apeetakucha Karunamba and Sri Arunachala Atmalingeswara bless you all!

Swami Ramana Swaroopananda
Acharya, SAR Atma Vidya Mandir