Sri Ramana Vichara Yatra – Details & Plan

‘Sri Ramana Vichara Yatra’ One of the main events as part of the 10th year celebrations is the ‘Sri Ramana Vichara Yatra’ – a pan-India tour to take Bhagawan’s teachings to seekers, devotees and the common man across our country. Bhagawan has emphasized on two main paths for seekers and devotees – Atma Vichara & Aruchanala Smaranam – which are also the twin ideals of AVM. The aim of the ‘Sri Ramana Vichara Yatra’ is to take both these across Bharata desha and make more people aware about Bhagawan’s life and teachings and the path of Bhagawan’s Vichara Marga and Arunachala Smaranam. This will be our offering to Bhagawan as.